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Monday, January 4, 2021

   We are going to stop the log here. After transiting from value investing to momentum in 2020, we are still developing the methodology to maximize profits. And, with leverage greater than 3 to 1, always watching for the wolf, the next market crash.

   While in development of the method and computer programs to automate the data collection and analysis, We will write a book with everything in plain language and procedure. It will be published if the plan is wildly successful. If you would like to be notified of its release, send an email.

   We leave you one more suggestion: Ivermectin, the drug. Used by President Trump, A bacteria was found 50 years ago by a Japanese doctor on one specific golf course and the ingredient synthesized. Used 50 years for animals and 35 for humans, it kills parasites in the blood stream. It works for zita and malaria and virae such as covid. That means you may get a flu but your heart, liver, and other organs are protected; that which kills. One dose is said to last for one year. You can get it from Amazon for $55 or a horse medicine supplier such as Tractor Supply for $3.50.

   Finally, the three books from which we have extracted insight:

Rule One of Investing, Michael Turner

The PowerX Strategy, Markus Heitkoetter

Buffett and Beyond, Joseph Belmonte

Barrett Leibe

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