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Monday, November 16, 2020

    While we're waiting for a vaccine, India reports that, after treating all health workers, hydroxychloroquine is also 90% effective in prevention and treatment.

   Again, because of the negative real interest rates and bloated debt this year, our momentum process overlies value investing. This week, I list the steps of our process to make slow but low risk profits. We will explain each step later.

Look for candidates
    scan cnbc.com - use buffett method for value stocks
some net profit
pe <= 50    (maybe reduce more later)
price < 500 (maybe reduce more later)
200 day moving average up over 3 weeks
price > upper bollinger band
    (preferably just breaking through)

sell put at spreadsheet indicated price
    next third week closing date
    must indicate profit > 20%/yr

check daily or twice daily
close if option cost <= 10% of option premium
if price < put strike price
    if 200 mov avg down, short stock
    if 200 mov avg up, wait
        if price way below strike price
            sell call at strike price if profit > 20%/yr
if having shorted stock
    if price up to put, buy back short
if having sold call
    price > call, buy stock
    if having bought stock
        sell call at strike price and exp date if profit > 20%/yr
Barrett Leibe

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