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Monday, September 7, 2020

   As Turner said in his seminar today, the market will continue to go up until it doesn't. That means we coninue to be bullish until the market stops going up. However, with the prices over bought and the election soon will bring high volitility, it's best to keep stops high and even go to cash.

   So, how do we evaluate a stock's price to see if it is in the safe zone and a buy? Go to the web site finance.yahoo.com, click on Finance in the top ribbon of the page. Click on SPY 500, click on 1Y for one year, click on Chart, click on Indicators, click on Bollinger Bands, set Period to 200, set Standard Deviations to 1, and set Top line to green.

   Click on Indicators, click on Moving Average and set Period to 50.

   Click on Indicators, click on Moving Average, Period to 200 and color Orange.

  Click on Indicators, click on RSI and set Period to 7.

   Click on Indicators, click on Stochastics and set Period to 14.

   Click on Indicators, click on MACD and set Fast MA Period to 12,
Slow MA Period
to 26, and Signal Period to 9.

   You are not set up to evaluate a stock. If the price is above the top line of the Bollinger Band, it is good to own. Just passing up through the line is a buy. If RSI and Stoch are above 50 and if MACD fast is above Slow, the price is moving up.

   Continued next week.

Barrett Leibe

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