All Indicators Explained

Low Dbt total debt less than 2 times net profit
Cur Rate current ratio greater than 2
LtDt/Eq total equity is greater than 2 times long term debt
Dbt/Ast total debt less than (total assets minus goodwill)
OE 15 =IF((AH4>=15)," /"," x")
Dis 33 h4
Rt Ret i4
PEG ratio j4
Price Cash l4
csh marg (AM4/AU4>=0.2),
cap effic
ret on net ta AT4/(AS4+BF4)>=0.2) return on net tangible assets
Safe Zone
som prft am
1/3 ct
AGC > 42 (AQ4>42
Mkt Cap (AJ4)>=1999
E. Hi Sales AU4/400)>=1)
PE <= 25 AO4<=25)
Bk>=cap/2 y4
Cap<1.2 NtWkCap z4
Pric<1.2bk AK4<=1.2*AV4)
Pric<15 E AK4<=15*BH4
dbt<1.1nca AS4<=1.1*(BB4-BC4))
20 yr div? cu
Pric<1.5sl AK4<1.5*(AU4/AX4)
Profit % af
OE gro Owner Earnings growth
% disc Discount of price to Intrinsic Value
Mkt Cap Market Cap
price Price of the stock at present
LtDbt/Eqt (AW/AY) Long Term Debt divided by Equity
csh flo Cash Flow, Levered Free
Dbt/Net  Debt divided by Net Income
P/E Price divided by Earnings, Trailing
earn/share Earnings divided by number of Shares, Diluted
est % growth estimated % of Growth of Earnings
dividend yield Dividend in dollars per share
Total debt Total debt
Net  Net Income (Earnings)
Sales total Sales per year, Revenue
Book Shr  Book Value per Share
Cash Shr Cash per Share, Total
Num Shr number of Shares outstanding
Curr ratio Current Ratio (Current Assets divided by Current Liabilities)
Total Assets total Assets
Goodwill Goodwill
Curr Asset Current Assets
Curr Liab Current Liabilities
LT debt Long Term Debt
Total Liab Total Liablities
Total Equity Total Equity
Growth Last Yr. Growth in the last year - momentum measure